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The company's main products cover intelligent three-dimensional parking, automotive maintenance equipment, automotive maintenance tools, etc
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Qiyang Zhizao 3D Parking

With the mission of "making parking no longer difficult" and the service principle of "practicality and efficiency", we are committed to becoming a first-class one-stop intelligent parking solution supplier

Engineering Cases

Smart parking solutions have been widely used in government agencies, residential communities, hospitals, supermarkets, and other fields, and have received unanimous praise from customers

  • Sunshine Lane Simple Elevated Stereo Parking Project

  • Rongchang Green Garden Simple Elevated Stereoscopic Parking Project

  • Jiuqu Street Office Vertical Circulation Stereo Parking Project

  • Lanting Road Network Red Street Vertical Circular Stereo Parking Project

  • Linzhuang Yuyuan Simple Elevated Vertical Parking Project

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I believe many people have definitely encountered this problem. When they drove to their destination, they found that the parking space in the underground parking lot had already been occupied, far...



The reliability and technological maturity of three-dimensional garages, as well as effective emergency measures in response to unexpected situations, are inevitable conditions for the development ...
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